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Web hosting services enables a website to become accessible to the users of the World Wide Web. There are hosting companies who would provide their users with a virtual space and internet connectivity in their own server. The scope of the web hosting facilities varies to a great extent. A very basic website or webpage can be uploaded through the File Transfer protocol. Different types of web hosting services are available nowadays, that includes:
Free Web Hosting

This is the most commonly used hosting services on the web. The free web hosting is perfect for individual and small business websites.

Dedicated Web hosting

For business houses and other commercial enterprises that needs more traffic on their website should web hosting. This allows the user to control and access the resources of the hosting services.

Collocated Web hosting

This type of hosting involves co allocation of the user’s own server in the data center of the host. This is useful for users who wish to reap benefits of a well-maintained server.

Shared Web hosting

In this type, more than one or multiple users share a common hosting environment that includes operating system, bandwidth applications as well as the memory of the hosting services.

Managed Web hosting

It is quite similar to the dedicated hosting, but a lot better than the dedicated one. It is packed with features like improved system security, software monitoring and fantastic system management.


The cloud web hosting is a considerably new concept for businesses that provisions IT resources to the end users of various companies from a central point via a network or internet connectivity that involves predefined multiple or single user interface. We are Ontario based cloud hosting company and we provide affordable rates.

Dedicated VPS

VPS or Virtual Private Server is a web hosting service that offers web hosting in virtual machines. It is also called dedicated VPS or Virtual Dedicated Server. The virtual machine runs in software that remains in a physical computer. We offer VPS web hosting in Waterloo, Ontario.


Windows web hosting includes plans like ASP.NET web hosting, Business plans and Reseller Hosting plans. These tree plans include different packages for the users. At Nivida Web Solution we deal with Windows web hosting. We also extend our windows web hosting service in Canada.

Reseller Web hosting

This allows the user to buy and resell their web space to others and earn profits.We are a web hosting company in Ontario. we offer different types of web hosting services at affordable prices. Being a Waterloo based web hosting company we extend our services. We offer hosting solutions for Windows, Linux, Cloud and Dedicated VPS services.


Linux web hosting enables the users to develop their website on the Linux platform. The most important advantage that the users have on the Linux is that they can use the open source technologies like MySQL, PHP, XML and Python. We are Canada’s best Linux web hosting company who provide affordable and effective hosting solutions.

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