Web Development
Web development in a simple term can be described as creating a website or a platform that serves as a window to the whole world through the World Wide Web. While developing a website there are some important and integral aspects that the developer takes into account. The new age technologies have set new trends in web development. Majority of the company in Canada uses the latest technologies to make it attractive, user friendly and informative. We are a website design & development company based in Waterloo, in the state of Ontario in Canada. Our team of experts uses the cutting edge technology to provide our clients with affordable web development service in Ontario. The major features of web development include:

Server Side Development

The server side scripting is an integral part of web development. The server side scripting was first introduced in 1995. It is a web server technology that verifies a script that runs directly on the web server in order to generate actives pages. The server side technology is majorly used for providing interactive websites that relates to databases.

Client Side Development

To build a high performance client side web application you would require the perfect usage of the client side scripts. We are Waterloo’s best web development company who have expertise in developing the client side coding that works on frameworks such as XML, YUI, JQuery and many more. The client side scripting helps to increase interaction in a web page.

Mark-up Languages

Mark-up languages are simply the language that you require for developing a website. There are different kinds of mark-up languages used to build a web. Some of the most common names that we come across everyday are HTML, XHTML and XML.


Creation and management of the databases are one of the most important aspects of web development. Database stores all the information that the users feed in. Some of the commonly used database systems are SQL, Oracles, Sybase and DB2.


Incorporating animation in a webpage has become the trendiest thing to do. In majority of web development Flash is used for creating small animations that makes the website attractive as well as interactive.

Web development requires a lot of web applications in order to make it user friendly and interactive.

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