Corporate Identity

A company’s corporate identity is the personal of that company manifested by branding

and use of trademarks. It reflects not just the personality but also the values and attributes: its ethics, sprit, soul and most important of all its ‘reason to be’. We here at Nivida Web Solution the web designing company, with the support of our professional graphic designers are doing the best to help you create that personality which outshines every other. It is a designed system of communication that is incorporated in the company’s global strategy. While designing a corporate identity the following play the most important role. The best logo designs, letterhead designs, envelop designs, business card designs and brochure designs are done here at Nivida Web Solution, Waterloo.



Logo, a business term used for a symbol which unlike a sign, directs a person towards a company as well as stands as an abbreviation for it, defining it in the simplest way possible and promotes instant public recognition. The expert team of logo designers working with us puts it on paper for you exactly the way you might have visualized it.



A letterhead is the printing done on the top of a letter paper, generally including a name, address and a logo or corporate design. The pattern may vary according to the requirement; patterns and designs are included in the background at times for a more informal approach. A professionally designed letterhead is of high-quality which makes the client associate it with the high-quality of the company’s services, creating a good impression on the client and strengthening their belief in the company. It is truly important for the brand to remain in the minds of the customers.



Placing the name and contact on an envelop does not achieve the purpose of attracting the recipient into opening it, for that it should enjoy an outstanding design. This is really important for your advertising plans to not end up in a trash can, because many companies advertise through mails which pile up in bunches at the receivers’ end. So, for your envelope to make the exception of being considered worth opening, a little effort towards getting it designed from a professional graphic designer is what it all takes.


Visiting Card

Visiting cards/business cards have become an indispensable marketing tool in the corporate world today, seen as the symbol of personal identity. They have to represent the company, attract customers and sell the products and services. To fulfill all these necessities we understand their need to be eye-catching and reflect that the company is reliable and professional. We here at business card design studio, Ontario hire a set of graphic designers who know this need of yours and are well aware of all the above issues and matters. Reach us because we design for you not just simple, minimalist envelops but also the most elaborated, detailed and impressive envelops.



Brochures provide an appropriately detailed insight into a company’s dealings, products and services. A brochure designed while aesthetics as well as utility in mind serves as the best means of communication between the company and the public. We take care of, from the outlining of the ideas, to the text to be included, to the design. We believe in taking a complete creative approach to the designing, making it eye-catching, meeting the requirements of the client, doing justice to the attributes of the company; thus enhancing the product and services sale.

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