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Web Design

Designing a website is a tedious process involving many stages and numerous elements. Our team comprises of the brainiest and as well as madly creative people who have their passion lying only field of web designing.

Web Development

Web development in a simple term can be described as creating a website or a platform that serves as a window to the whole world through the World Wide Web. While developing a website there are some important and integral aspects that the developer takes into account.

Web Hosting

Web hosting services enables a website to become accessible to the users of the World Wide Web. There are hosting companies who would provide their users with a virtual space and internet connectivity in their own server. The scope of the web hosting facilities varies to a great extent. A very basic website or webpage can be uploaded through the File Transfer protocol.

Web Promotion

Creating and hosting a website alone will simply not bring viewers to your virtual door-step or feature your website prominently on the World Wide Web. In order to make that happen you need to productively endorse your website and our web promotion company can do that job for you as it offers one of Canada’s best website promotion services.

Corporate Identity

A company’s corporate identity is the persona of that company manifested by branding and use of trademarks. It reflects not just the personality but also the values and attributes: its ethics, sprit, soul and most important of all its ‘reason to be’. We here at Nivida the web designing company, with the support of our professional graphic designers are doing the best to help you create that personality which outshines every other.

Corporate Presentations

Corporate presentations can be called company profile that helps built unique brand image for the company. These presentations beautifully narrate company’s history, achievements about the services rendered and products designed. This innovative tool is a fancy and effective way of marketing and selling the products and creating an everlasting impact on the targeted audiences.

Online Branding

Building up your company’s and your website’s visibility and increasing your brand’s recognition value is extremely important. We are a popular online branding company in Canada and offer online branding service in Waterloo.

Software Solutions

world a new dimension and approach. Business nowadays, big or small that operates online requires different kinds of software solution that are sometimes regular as well as customized. While small business houses and entrepreneurs would suffice their software requirements mostly through regular software that are available over the counter, big business groups and multinational companies can only rely on custom made software to operate their business in different countries.

Mobile Apps

Mobile application development involves the process through which an application is created for mobile devices. These applications are mostly preinstalled in the mobile devices at the time of manufacturing. However, numerous mobile applications are available for downloads.

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